Broadband Down!

It’s just not been a good week or so for me online. Firstly, i was reduced to worse than dial up speeds last week. For the past 48 hours, i’ve been without broadband at home full stop.

I can’t find any press releases or news on this, which highlights just what a shambles of an organization eircom are (they’re responsible for all our lines)… but apparently there was a bulletin on a local radio station about it.

Someone dug up fibre optic cables nearby and knocked out the town’s connection and surrounding area (whatever way the exchange is set up).

That’s pretty idiotic… the technology is there to detect cables yet i’m willing to put money on it the guys who were digging tried to save some time and just dug and crossed their fingers they didn’t hit anything important.

Being without lotto machines, bank machines, broadband etc… i can make do with – so can other people… but when it comes to business, they’re losing out big time and it’s all (probably) the fault of one idiot who tried to cut corners.

Should be investigated, culprit should be sacked or disciplined and eircom should issue an apology. None of that will happen though.

Anyway, things will be back to normal from today on…

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