Broadband Down

website is down

Downtime. Hate it. Despite the fact we’re (in Ireland) are getting & in a lot of cases have ‘next generation’ broadband, there are still problems which will go undetected because they get lost in the system or passed around from ISP to eircom & vice versa…. (eircom being the ISP who are responsible for our lines) and if the user doesn’t complain, problems don’t exist.

Right now (for the past hour or so), broadband for me is unusable. Timing out constantly. Ping times (quick way of testing connectivity & stability) will go from 40ms to 500ms to 3000ms to timed out completely. A while ago i had some problems (well a lot of problems) with stability and the line was throttled back to 4mb because the line ‘couldn’t handle’ 7mb.

However the line somehow managed to handle 7mb for several weeks if not months before things went stale. Vodafone home broadband is the provider. They have it too easy. They don’t own the lines so the majority of problems can just be diverted to their ‘supplier’ which is eircom.

Right now i’ve no idea who is at fault. Maybe it’s noise on the line, maybe it’s vodafone, maybe it’s eircom…. bottom line is something isn’t right and this happens too often to let go. 2072 posts & 139 pages tells me I’m not the only one who has had problems.

Although it’s back to normal now, i’ll be following this up with vodafone and getting them to investigate.

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