Brian Cowen Paintings

There’s been a storm in a tea cup taking place recently and it’s all been over these paintings.


That’s Brian Cowen, our taoiseach. Somebody walked in to art galleries in Dublin, placed them on walls and then walked back out. Apparantly it was 34 year old secondary school teacher.

Anyway, RTE news (state owned) ran this story a couple of days ago;


Yesterday, they issued an apology in relation to that broadcast.


Obviously, Brian Cowen took offence. Why? I’m not sure. It’s an interesting story, he’s a man in the spotlight… this sort of thing comes with the job – yes it’s not nice if you’re Brian Cowen or his family, but it’s part and parcel of being a ‘celebrity’ or a high profile public face. You should be able to ignore this sort of stuff or laugh it off…

3 thoughts on “Brian Cowen Paintings”

  1. They got the likeness right anyway. Ugly and contorted. Yup, down to a tee.

    The apology was lame and uncalled for. There have been worse things said and done to him than that.

  2. if the media can invade and portray other people in public life what makes fiana fail politicions so special.It was satire Wise up Brian

  3. The furore wasn’t about the paintings. It was about the fact that police questioned the artist, cautioned him, seized more of his paintings and sent a file to the DPP on spurious grounds. It was also about the fact that detectives went to a radio station and demanded details of emails they held, saying the “powers that be wanted something done”.

    When the police become an instrument of government we have good reason to be concerned, however trivial this incident might seem.

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