breaking my 4 day silence

My last post was published on Monday 1st, this post was published today, Friday 5th. That’s a 4 day gap. The longest period i’ve ever gone without blogging. So where was i? Why was i not blogging?

Well i said last week i wasn’t feeling well and this week i got progressively worse. Most nights, i was in bed at 9pm, only switching on my PC if i *had* to submit an assignment or something for college.

This week was my last week at college before Christmas exams…. i also had several tests and assignments to complete for college so it would have been really awkward to take time off…

I am off today however (Friday) as i only had one class at 3pm which wasn’t important anyway. So rather than risk killing myself going in to college :mrgreen: i decided to stay at home and rest.

Even as i write this i can’t think properly – my sharpness still isn’t there. It requires absolute silence and concentration to put together a sentence and to think properly. When i had music playing earlier i couldn’t write… So i’m not better yet, but at last i’m getting there. At least i’m at the stage now where i can actually turn on the PC and write.

With 9 days off now until exams, i’ve plenty of time to recover. I’ve no doubt variation in temperature was the sole reason for screwing me up.

  • I’d get up in the morning from a lovely warm bed
  • Go outside to a frozen car
  • Turn on the heat in the car, drive for an hour or so in a lovely warm car
  • Arrive in college and walk 5 minutes in cold weather
  • Go in to a warm college
  • Go outside at lunchtime to the cold once again (our canteen is in a separate building from all other buildings)
  • Go back to a warm college
  • Walk to car in cold
  • Turn heat on in car
  • Repeat process on a daily basis

All that artificial heat and lack of consistency messes with your body. Sure, we all have to do that every day, and most people may just get a cold or perhaps nothing at all, but when you’re already sick, it’s just nails in the coffin.

So for the next 9 days, i’ll just be under the one roof and won’t venture outside too much. Temperature will be consistent and my body will have a chance to build it’s defences back up based on that consistent temperature.

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