breaking an ankle – your loss, my gain

It’s been under 24 hours since i blogged about Eduardo breaking his ankle. I knew immediately this would be hot stuff, with many searches on google as it was an x-rated tackle with many TV stations refusing to show it – so people then automaticaly head to the net for the gruesome detail.

I also knew my own ability to get pages indexed rapidly in google. Put all that together and it’s a recipe for traffic. Yesterday, i received over 1000 unique visitors and today it’s at about 400 so far :mrgreen:


I’ve also registered and in a bid to get cracking on this niche, as it’s another untouched field of snow for me to go wild in 🙂 That’s how clued in i am and although i genuinely feel for Eduardo and wish him recovery (it’s a horrible thing to happen to anyone – let alone a footballer who relies on his feet to make a living), i saw an opportunity and grabbed it.

So is this all poor form on my part? No, i don’t think so. This is all over the papers, all over other blogs and forums and nobody got killed, it was a clever move and shows my ability to spot a niche, beat off the competiton and gain from it before they do and if you break ‘business’ down – that’s pretty much the definition of it 😛

I’ve also used it as a tutorial session for you guys on how acting quickly and showing good awareness can pay dividend.

5 thoughts on “breaking an ankle – your loss, my gain”

  1. Yep, yesterday I went around looking for the footage, and saw your site was already high in Google. I then ended up watching various videos on youtube showing some of the worst tackles and sporting injuries, so some good thinking there.

  2. Wow that must have hurt poor Eduardo and Wnger later. Am a ManU guy but its sad that happened. Hope he’ll be well in the shortest time possible.

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