Brazil in Croke Park

Tomorrow, Ireland face Brazil in a friendly match at Croke Park. It’s our first match since crashing out of euro 2008 – a match i was at in Cardiff, Wales.

The likes of Kaka, Lucio, Pato, Ronaldinho will all be out for Brazil, which takes a bit of the gloss of their side, but it’s Brazil – their style of play never changes and that’s the most important thing.

One of my favourite players at the minute is Anderson of Man Utd. I’ve been very impressed with since he signed for Utd and he’s definitely one to watch. Strong, pacey, aggressive, not afraid to shoot and dribble…

It’s a new beginning for Ireland. We’ll have a new manager in place sometime next week and we’ll then look forward to our World Cup qualifying campaign which kicks off in September.

It’ll be a test for the Irish lads and a fixture that i’d imagine nobody wants as all of them are playing at the weekend and atm, they are effectively managerless so there’s no real pressure on any of them.

I’m heading in to college tomorrow, but i’ll be cutting my day short to head up to Croke Park for this one. Score draw i reckon.

7 thoughts on “Brazil in Croke Park”

  1. 3-1 to Brazil ……………. seeing as the appointment of a manager is taking so long I haven’t much faith in the team to pull off anything spectacular …. If we win it will be a miracle, a draw …. pure luck …. and as luck ain’t with us at the moment a 3-1 result against us is more a reality! 😐

  2. 1-1 draw although i fing it hard to see wher the irish goal will come from.

    I expect the game to be very boring and a poor atmosphere

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