bought an iphone 4 today

iphone 4

It’s been coming. Ever since the iphone 4 was leaked back in april /may, i’ve had my eye on it. A few days i decided to go ahead an buy an iphone, i just needed to go in to a shop and get things sorted…

Today i found myself finishing up in college at lunchtime so that gave me a bit of time to go iphone hunting. I popped in to an o2 shop in Dundalk before i came home, hoping they’d have the 16gb version in stock. No luck.

When i got home i popped in to the carphone warehouse in monaghan and they had one in stock, a 32gb version. Of course…. the more expensive one. I’d previously debated with myself whether or not i needed the 32gb version which is €100 more expensive that it’s 16gb brother. The answer i came up with was ‘no’ and i was set on the 16gb version.

However i was already in the shop, i had all the necessary paperwork with me and i’d been told by two o2 workers they “didn’t have a clue” when they’d be getting more iphones in (for new customers that is, i was switching to billpay). So i could have turned it down and just waited another couple of weeks but i decided to go with the 32gb version.

Because i was a new billpay customer, they needed to send away documents to higher powers and carry out a credit check. So i left, then got a call half an hour later saying everything was good to go. Happy days.

I’ve been playing with it on and off ever since. The only major problem i have with it is that you can’t close applications once you’re finished with them. Which is just stupid. It’s like constantly opening up tabs and windows on a PC and to close them you need to ctrl + alt + delete. I’m not sure why a bigger fuss isn’t made of this – it seems like a very obvious problem. But apart from that, i can’t complain. I can tell already tell i’m going to love this phone and you’re probably going to hear a lot more about my love for it in the days & weeks ahead…

3 thoughts on “bought an iphone 4 today”

  1. double tap on the home button. But no need to close your apps. It’s not a real multi-task. So they aren’t really launched

  2. oh yeah i know about double tapping but it’s an awful lot of work & time wasted to close individual apps – plus that little red minus sign is very hard to press, it’s tiny…

    some apps do run in the background so it’s a real pain having to close them using double tap. a simple ‘x’ somewhere on the app itself would make life easier… i hate leaving apps open or running – i instinctively have to close them all when i’m finished – must be a windows thing 🙂

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