boost in creativity

Technology really is the perfect business to be in for me.

It’s always getting better and therefore always changing. Changing is good. It means things are moving forward and upgrading and we all get a little kick out of a new PC or new set up 😉

I have to admit, things were getting a bit routine and boring… with the same laptop, same limited working space etc… my new office is like moving from a caravan in to a proper house.

All of these cool new toys i’m getting is like Christmas time to a kid, i’ve no doubt my productivity will increase as a direct result of getting a proper, professional set up. I can feel it already, my creative side is going to just explode once i get my new PC 🙂

Video editing is something i really want to get in to along with designing & coding a site from scratch using XHTML & CSS. I could probably do that already but it’s just difficult to do all on a laptop with a single core processor. Hence the need for a quad core & two 20″ monitors which will really speed things up.

Roll on summer… 3 or 4 months alone with my new set up 😉 I think i might get a picture of a summery sky and set it as my desktop, as i’m never gonna see it for real this summer 😉

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