bomb proof usb drive

The beheading off my last usb drive (an 8gb super fast atv drive none the less) was a bitter blow…

It was one of the fastest drives of it’s kind and barely got to stretch it’s legs before it’s life was cut short. It was labeled as a tough, durable, waterproof drive but as i found out – not tough enough.

So that led me to a search for a replacement… i couldn’t just buy any old thing – i need my data protected. I always like to back up my college work as the servers aren’t totally reliable and are cleared out every once in a while plus we’re capped at something ridiculous like 20mb…

So eventually, i stumbled upon a corsair survivor. It has been run over by a 2 tonne city buses, jeeps, thrown from roofs, submerged in swimming pools and glasses of water for hours on end, frozen, boiled, hit with hammers, taken out to see and attached to a rod as fishing bait…

After watching this video, you almost feel sorry for this particular survivor drive 🙁


It did survive all of this though :mrgreen:

I got a 16gb one myself through ebay for €68. It arrived yesterday and i’m impressed… this thing is built like a tank and although i don’t plan on going deep sea diving or getting caught up in a fire anytime soon, it’s reassuring to know that this thing can handle whatever is thrown at it 😎

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