Using Adsense in between posts..

I’ve always wondered why they didn’t do it earlier (, CTR will shoot up through the roof and thus revenue will grow.. which in turn could pay for full time employee/s to keep an eye on things..

It’s progress imo even though there’ll be a lot of people complaining. It’s free, so really, i don’t care about ads 😎 Provided of course they don’t get out of control 😉

On forums, CTR is notoriously low, but placing ads after the first post is where the clicks are.. It’s very difficult to scroll down and ignore them as they are in between content so should see a nice surge in figures at least for the first couple of months.

For an indication of what sort of traffic they get, they are ranked 10k on alexa and are the 39th busiest site in Ireland, ahead of the likes of and
Here’s a screenshot of the ads in action…


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