Bluetooth Handsfree Kit..

Well, it’s not looking likely that i’ll get my custom built Mini Cooper S anytime soon, so whilst i’m waiting on that, i’ve realized i’ll have to get some sort of a bluetooth kit for the car. I’m bidding on this at the minute, as it’s cheap and cheerful and doesn’t need charging.



Basically, you plug it in to the cigarette lighter and it charges itself. I have my proporta USB charger to power the phone so i can afford to sacrafice the cig lighter 😛 It has an answer/hang up button with up/down volume keys – all you need when driving. I want something that will stay in the car, not an earpiece that i can lose or get out of the car and forget it’s on my ear. An integrated system would be great but not worth the cash. I don’t go on long journeys much so i’ve never really had the need for any handsfree kit, but it will be handy to have, especially as i seem to be getting more calls lately for some reason 😡

Being able to keep my phone in my pocket whilst answering it is a big plus.

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