Blu Ray in Full HD

Up until now i haven’t really seen Blu Ray on a Full HD for any great length of time. Sky HD and Blu Ray on a HD Ready TV – yes, but Blu Ray in Full HD – no. I’ve seen it in shops of course where they’ll have demos running but anything can be made look good in a shop – it’s their job to make things look good to sell them 🙂

Blu Ray Dvds

I’ve had my PS3 & TV for a week now and watched one blu ray DVD and bits of others. Some even in 3D. Whilst the 3D is pretty rubbish (animated movies seem to be a lot better), the regular 2D versions look stunning at all angles and from any distance. For me the difference between a regular DVD and a Blu Ray at Full HD is huge.

Blu Ray Dvds

It’s now a disappoint for me to go from blu ray to standard definition on my TV, even though at first, i was very impressed with the standard definition picture i was getting 🙂 The next big thing is of course 3D.

These 3D TVs looks very impressive indeed but time will tell whether or not they’ll catch on. Sky are launching 3D services, BBC are trialing them and 3D TV’s are already on the shelves. Blu Ray 3D dvds have got the green light which means 3D is only going to get more popular and more common, whether we like it or not.

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