blu ray dvd player for €1.05

That’s right… pixmania are kindly offering the Philips BDP 3000/12 Blu-Ray player for €1.05. Fantastic deal 😉 Only downside is that there’s a €15 or so delivery charge.

UPDATE: link has now been taken offline at around 9am on 1stFeb, but as you can see from the screenshot below, the price was genuine 😉

pixmania blu ray player €1.05

I’m sure the good people at pixmania will be appreciate me spreading the word about this generous offer…. as always i’ll do a full review of the product (and pixmania) once it arrives, which i’m fully expecting it to.

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  1. yip, found it through boards / twitter alerts… unfortunately i can't access my boardsie account though after the hack job – on the waiting list for a new email…

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