blogging without fail

Right now, assuming my plane has touched down in one piece, i’m in London. I’ll be here until Monday.

Cessna flipped at Wellington Airport
Creative Commons License photo credit: 111 Emergency

I’ve scheduled this post to appear as i most likely won’t be able to get blogging from london today. I am taking my netbook with me however so i should be able to upload some pics and create a post at some stage before i get home.

This is now my 93rd blog post in 93 days – 1 per day without fail. My target is to keep this record up until the new year – if i make it i’ll have posted 260 times in 260 days – one post per day.

‘Easy’ some of you will say. Well let me assure you it’s not. I love blogging and i’m online more than most, but even i can draw blanks or forget or be ‘too busy’ to blog. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. This is currently my best record of consecutive days blogging and it’s an indication of my commitment and work rate this summer to my online work.

Organization, discipline, planning, determination… it’s all needed to keep this place ticking over with such an undisturbed rhythm.

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