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As part of my Multimedia module in College, i have to complete a 20 minute presentation on something multimedia related.. in front of the class. (it will be within the next month or so, but could be as early as next week)..

Most people are doing games/consoles etc.. so i didn’t want to go down that path.. i chose ‘blogging’ as my subject matter..

20 minutes may seem like a long time but i reckon i’ll have more than enough material.. i’ll be explaining things like;

  • What are blogs
  • Why are they useful
  • Introduction to RSS feeds
  • WordPress/Blogger/other blogging platforms
  • Plugins
  • Tag/Title structures..
  • Comments/Feedback in Blogs
  • SEO benefits of having a blog
  • Blogs in Business
  • Monetizing Blogs and the arrival of sponsored posts

They’re just 10 things that popped in to my head so i’ll use them as headings and then have bullet points underneath them all to help me stay on track.. i’ll add a few screenshots to help explain things so i’m looking at about 20/30 pages of powerpoint material spending a minute or so on each..

So i’ve got approx 2 minutes per bullet point, which is very limited really… So filling up the presentation shouldn’t be an issue as i’ve more than enough material/experience to call upon.

We’ve been told sentences aren’t allowed – just bullet points/key words plus pictures/video so i’ll have to be able to actually talk about all of these things – which i’m well capable of doing, as you’ll all know, as i’ve blogged about all of those things in the past at some stage :mrgreen:

So this is my first real challenge/assignment and i’m ready to get stuck in.. i’m not viewing this as ‘work/school/exam’ related material, i’m viewing this as an opportunity to get more people interested in blogging, make people aware of RSS, so that hopefully, they’ll set up their own blog, subscribe to my feed and link to me 😈

Anyway, i’ll be sure to kill two birds with one stone and write about all of the above on this blog for those of us who are only just startig out in blogging and really don’t know what they’re doing or where to go..

13 thoughts on “Blogging Presentation..”

  1. You should try to avoid summarising, which the bullet points seem to indicate. Maybe concentrate on 1-2 key aspects of blogging, but keeping the overall tone light.

    Anyway good luck, if you want someone else to cast their eye over it beforehand, post it up 🙂

  2. yeah it’s a lot to try and explain in 20 minutes.. but the more content the merrier..

    it will all be kept light and fun so hopefully i can keep people awake throughout :mrgreen:

    if i have it all sorted and ready, i may indeed post it 😎

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