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I love blogging. I have done since day 1. Would i have kept a diary if i was born 50 years ago? Probably not as i hate reading and writing (pen and paper).

Almost a year in, and i feel i’ve progressed as a writer, a blogger, a thinker. I think more about what i post more and probably edit a post about 10 times before i’ll publish it.

But blogs can’t last forever, i can’t last forever. Well, i suppose they could be passed down through generations, but what happens if i die today or just stop blogging or retire? Will this blog go to the website cemetery? Will it stay online, but no new content added?

I’d be a real idiot if i didn’t renew my domain and hosting every year, having built up over 600 posts and a huge wealth of knowledge, not to mention traffic and subscribers etc…

But no doubt the day will come when i stop blogging – for whatever reason. I wouldn’t like to just let my blog and domain die, and only be available at, i’d prefer if someone else carried it on.. preferably my children/grandchildren :mrgreen:

My blog could then become a family business, building up relationships and followers from different generations, in all different countries. Imagine getting given a blog like John Chow’s by your father in his will… it would be very special, and full of sentimental value and interesting material to look back on and read…

We are the first generation of bloggers, and it’ll be another 20/30 years before we start to see this sort of thing happening. It might not happen at all, but it’s something i’d like to see… blogs being passed along through generations like wedding dresses or watches etc 😎

Think of the value of a 50 year old blog, with say 300 posts a year – that’s 15,000 unique posts. It would be worth a fortune if the blogger in question was famous/became famous. Just think how much Einstein’s blog would be worth if he had blogged for 20/30 years, then passed it on in his will and it was still going strong today…

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  1. Best of Luck with your google rankings. I’ve come to find its hard to interpret how these sites are pulling the rankings…its my opinion thier systems are screwed up! My friends own and like yourself are Irish Entrepreneurs…Good Luck!

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