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I know what will get traffic, i know what’s interesting and what’s not. I know that this post is worth more than this post. I know because i’m a reader, just like you…

However, whilst i might be able to look at things from your point of view, it’s probably much trickier for you to look at things from my point of view, unless you’re a blogger yourself. You can rightly question why i don’t produce more post like this and this if i know they’ll be successful and draw in traffic and comments.

Although you can’t predict anything online, i knew when i was writing those posts that they would be more successful than my ‘normal’ posts. My normal posts are made up pretty much on the spot. They take maybe 2-3 hours max to produce…. images and all.

Those ‘killer posts’ (as i call them) can take days to put together. And that’s the problem. Because i blog daily, i can’t spend days working on a single blog post – if i were to do that, i’d need to cut back on my posts per day ratio. And if i were to create nothing but ‘killer posts’, i couldn’t really call this a personal blog because i wouldn’t be blogging regularly about my own life & experiences.

balancing act
Creative Commons License photo credit: Swiv

So there is a balance that has to be found between quality and quantity. For various different reasons, i feel one post a day is ideal for me. It’s pushing myself slightly… 5 posts per 7 days would be less intense but then i’d lose rhythm which is something that’s difficult to get back in to.

Anyway, i do have some interesting posts under construction which i’ll be publishing over the next while. The reason i’ll list them here is mainly to force me in to finishing them…

  • The state of third level websites in ireland
  • 20 jaw dropping wordpress themes
  • Top 20 google suggestions
  • 10 reasons not to buy gift vouchers

It’s important to have drafts to work on and ideas for future blog posts. There will be days where you’ll just go blank or not feel like writing or doing anything. That’s perfectly fine, so long as you’re smart enough to plan for those days in advance.

That forward thinking and anticipating ‘blank’ days is the main reason why i’ve gone 70-something days blogging on the trot. It’s machine-like consistency but without thinking and planning ahead, that consistency would eventually be disrupted 🙂

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