blog goals for next 6 months

It’s pretty clear this blog is once again going to smash it’s own records in 2009.

From Jan 1st 2009 up until yesterday, has had over 65,000 unique visits & 82,000 pageviews in 2009 (less than 6 months in).


In 2008 (over 12 months) received just over 80,000 unique visits and 127,000 pageviews.


The blog ended 2008 with 125 feedburner subscribers. It’s now up to 300+ thanks largely to a change feedburner made a few days ago.


So stats are always on the rise. Traffic is averaging over 360 unique visits / day now which is incredible really for a small personal blog.

Anyway, i never just sit back and admire… i’m eager to get past the 100,000 unique visitor mark as quickly as possible and i’m also setting myself a target of 500 feedburner subscribers by the end of the year which means i need to get 200 from somewhere over the next 6 months.

Basically, it means i have to start producing better content and more lists, more personal stuff etc… there is no danger of me slacking off or getting fed up – the last day i didn’t publish a post was April 15th. Since, then i’ve blogged for 69 consecutive days and i’m setting myself another challenge of blogging daily for the rest of 2009.

It will require ‘cheating’ by scheduling the odd post here and there (for example when i’m in london next month) but 99% of my posts are written & published ‘live’.

So by the end of 2009, i want to record;

  • over 130,000 unique visits.
  • over 500 feedburner subscribers.
  • completed 260 days of consecutive blogging.

If i manage all that, i’ll be extremely happy and proud of 2009’s performance. It will move this blog in to another league all together… i’ll go in to 2010 owning one of the largest personal blogs in the country.

Yesterday i made some minor but essential changes to the blog and i’ll continue to make changes when i feel they’re needed. It is important though that i continue to set goals and targets for this blog and remind myself of them in posts like this.

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