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For just under 4 years, this blog has been hosted in the US both with and then in recent years, with As of today, it’s now hosted by blacknight

I mentioned a while back that i was doing a bit of a spring clean with regards hosting and domains, so that’s the reason i made the move. It makes sense to have this Irish blog hosted on an Irish server.

Up until last summer i didn’t use Irish hosts, but conceded that i’d have to buy Irish at some stage in order to maximize speed and SEO potential. I’ve had an account with blacknight for about 9 months now and am pretty happy with them. is hosted there along with a few other smaller sites.

So what difference does it make? Well perhaps a slight speed boost although right now, i don’t notice any difference… i’ll have to see if i can optimize the site any more. If you use web development server location add ons for firefox or chrome, you’ll also see an Irish flag rather than an American one 🙂

SEO differences? I’ll have to wait and see… i can only really measure that over time and with search engine traffic. From my point of view, FTP is much quicker and i suppose i feel a bit more patriotic by using Irish services :mrgreen:

Anyway, i’m constantly moving things about and transferring domains, but once i’m finished i’ll show you where all of my sites are and where they used to be, plus the difference in cost that all of this moving about is saving me.

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  1. well, Looks like The … at the very least as the host of the Irish version of Deal Or No Deal. …

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