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I said yesterday i’d go through my day in more detail once i had a chance to catch some z’s, so that’s exactly what i’ll do now….

First of all, the whole event was extremely well organized and credit must go to these guys and of course the sponsors.

Here was the timetable for the day…


I attended the talks circled (bar the last one which i had intended going to but couldn’t make it as i wanted to get a bus home at a decent hour). Next time i’ll probably stay over 😉

All of the talks were held on several floors in the Guinness Storehouse which consists of several small presentation rooms on each floor (perfect for events like this one).

Although there was no need for me to go to the social media talks, they just stood out for me and were of more interest to me. I also took notes at all talks i went to and i’ll share my favourite tips on each talk with you…

Greg Fry

He was talking about a goal setting template and shared it with us… these are a few headings he’ll take in to consideration before setting goals;

  • Financial
  • Family Life
  • Spiritual / Ethical
  • Physical / Health
  • Social / Cultural
  • Educational

Adrian Avendano

This was completely off the wall on how the human brain works… he mentioned this video which is hilarious 🙂 but the most interesting thing i took from this is that the human brain doesn’t like going back to the same place twice.

He gave an example of ‘wack a mole’ (where you have 3 holes and wack something that pops out). It takes us longer to wack the 2nd mole than the first one because our brains are looking for something new / different.

Amanda Webb

interesting talk on facebook and she told us the best time to be active is the morning time – when everyone is just starting work – i always thought lunchtime was best but i must experiment with mornings 🙂

Krishna De

Showed us how you can print off a pdf of your linked in profile or export your contacts to a csv file (that could be handy). Although i don’t really use linkedin, i must start to use it more and give it more time – especially if i’m gonna be attending more of these networking events.

Claire Boyles

i love twitter and use it daily so i was never going to come away from this talk learning anything new about how to use it or how it works but i did still pick up a few interesting things…

Can’t remember who said it, but somebody in the audience compared the flow of information to the flow of a river which i thought was a great analogy – the river always flows whether you’re there or not. Go away and when you come back it’ll still be flowing – it stops for nobody.

Claire also told us a story about her dog that went missing a few weeks ago. It was eventually found & returned to her thanks to twitter!

Morgan McKeagney

I remember coming across the iQprize a while back – they basically gave €10k to an entrepreneur for his business – no strings attached. Kinda like a dragons den type thing where you have plenty of ideas and businesses coming in and showcasing the idea and the best one wins (selected by a panel of judges).

Main tips i picked up from Morgan were about coming up with an idea / service. You have to ask yourself;

  • Who’s the service for?
  • Who are you competing with?
  • How are you different or better?

It’s a very simple approach, but one that i can see works even if it’s just to filter through ideas and separate the runners from non-runners.

Anyway, here’s a few more pics from the day and the Guinness Storehouse – it was my first time there too and i was very impressed.

Guinness Storehouse

Inside Guinness Storehouse

Inside Guinness Storehouse


View from Guinness Storehouse


Apparently of the 499 registered, there were 291 there and i know for a fact there were people there who hadn’t signed up so i’m guessing there were over 300 there in total.. either way it was a good turn out although i have to admit, i’m surprised over 200 people registered and didn’t show up – poor form as they knew there was a cap on numbers and by registering it meant other people couldn’t… i deliberately waited to register myself until i knew for definite i’d be going….

Still, it felt pretty busy and for most of the talks i went to there were people standing / sitting on tables etc… so had there been another 200 people there i’m not sure what it would have been like 🙂

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  1. cool – nice to put a face & name (and blog!) to that comment! i’ll probably steal that analogy when explaining twitter from now on 🙂

  2. “somebody in the audience compared the flow of information to the flow of a river which i thought was a great analogy – the river always flows whether you’re there or not. Go away and when you come back it’ll still be flowing – it stops for nobody.” – that was me 🙂

    Seems we overlapped at most sessions. Your post summarizes it nicely.


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