big changes next week

This coming week sees the launch of windows 7. I’ve been preparing for it for a while now, so the switch for me should be pretty smooth now that i have a free hard drive bought especially for it.

I will see an immediate boost in performance which is something that excites me give the fact i’ve spent the last year or more working with the same system, same speed etc… any little change in performance will be noticed…

Now is as good a time as any to re-structure everything and bring more organization to my work flow so i will be making a big effort to work smarter. I’m determined to keep designing and keeping all of my photoshop stuff organised and backed up is a massive task in itself. If it’s messy, it means i’ll be less inclined to open up photoshop and design. If it’s clean and structured and i know exactly where everything is, then i’m much more likely to start designing.

So windows 7 will signal big changes for me not just because it’s a new operating system, but because i’m also taking the opportunity to change & improve my style of work too. Depending on the amount of time i have, i might also start to think about redesigning and restructuring this blog again…

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