Best picture you’ll see all day

I stumbled upon this picture today and had to blog about it;

Found it on and it’s from – direct link here.

I think it sums up exactly where things are at the minute in the US election. Obama seems to be pulling further and further away from McCain and i’m delighted to see that.

Obama is good for the world in general, not just America. It suggests America regret electing Bush and now want they’re precious cash sowed on american soil, not blown to pieces at will in Iraq and beyond 🙄

I still think this day swung it in Obama’s favour. It was an obvious attack on Obama by McCain and it backfired big time.

2 thoughts on “Best picture you’ll see all day”

  1. Have you actually looked into Obama’s history? Or do you just think he’s great because the media portrays him as a bigger mouthpiece? He said himself that the only bills he voted for was the ones by bush. He is no different to bush, same with mcSame. Please tell us how Obama as president is good for the world? It’s sad to actually think America has representation when these two candidates have already been hand selected. Doesnt matter who gets in power will be centralised even more into the hands of the few. Just go look at who’s funding their campaign!

  2. “When Bush came in, we had a surplus; now we have a deficit.”
    “Clinton left behind a surplus; Bush squandered it.”
    “Can’t do anything at home with $12 billion a month on Iraq”
    Not first candidate to use drugs, but first honest about it.

    just some of the many sensible, down to earth quotes which echo what the wider global community say and feel.

    From McCain;

    “Freeze on everything but Defense, Veterans & entitlements.”
    “I’m prepared for the dangerous threats in this world”
    “Overthrow “rogue” governments to keep Americans safe.”
    “China: Keep open trade & diplomacy; but keep eyes open.”

    Selective quotes, obviously but it sums up the sort of character both are. McCain is much too defensive and cautious when it comes to dealing with other countries. Obama can talk and build bridges.

    imo, they are like chalk and cheese whereas McCain and Bush are every similar in style.

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