Best day of the year so far

My Dell XPS arrived today, in what has to be record time. I placed an order late Friday evening (about 5.30pm). It was dispatched Monday (yesterday) and arrived Tuesday (today).

The system wasn’t off the shelf either, i requested several add ons and even got stuff that isn’t available on their website so i thought that would delay things, not speed them up.

Dell have also announced 250 job losses today in Ireland (cheers Carlenny for pointing that out)… no doubt my order would have been a bit slower had i ordered this week 🙂

Anyway, this XPS 420 is the most powerful machine i’ve ever worked with. It completes a radical new office shake up for me and leaves me with state of the art toys to play with.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep me happy, Man Utd beat Barcelona to book a spot in the Champions League final – Europe’s elite club competition. I’m a huge Utd fan and this was a massive result for the club.

So this has been a great day for me… unfortunately i’ve an exam tomorrow plus my internal wi-fi connection isn’t strong enough on the XPS so i do have some nasty problems that need looking at.

I’m busy for the rest of the week but i am off next week, so you can expect plenty of footage & reviews then. To give you a flavour of what to expect, check out these pics…

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