bebo using adsense..

i don’t use bebo much, even though i have an account there..

i noticed however they’re running adsense now on certain pages.. rather surprising i thought.. it means bebo can’t control the ads placed on the site, and thus the quality of links can be spammy or poor which will anger users. Have a look at the ads here (refresh the page if you get banner ads, i’m talking about the text ads.)

I came across credit card ads and pre-fab buildings for sale… yes, i’m sure the average teenager is interested in that sort of stuff 🙄 Seems as though somebody is getting a bit greedy if you ask me 😉

The running expenses and wages have to be paid somehow of course, but i don’t think adsense is a good solution for a site the size of bebo, who’s userbase has no cash in general. They should be leading the way in video ads imo..

3 thoughts on “bebo using adsense..”

  1. The only problem is that bebo may be limited in signing up large sponsors as not many companies want to endorse content they can’t control. I.e. People’s profiles and comments.


  2. yeah, but selling music / ringtones etc.. would have had better results imo.. they could also place a 2 second advert at the end of every video, or the start. That would raise some cash.

    adsense is great from bebo’s point of view (no hassle for them), but it’s not from a users point of view imo.. especially teens.

    of course revenue sharing would be the obvious choice for bebo – something like metacafe’s system where you get paid for uploading poplular videos.

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