Bebo gone to hell!

Over the last few days, i’ve noticed very annoying smiley ads on bebo, actually talking to me! Yes, every few seconds, you get a sound message like ‘click on me’ or some crap like that.


To add salt to the wounds, they’ve just AJAX-a-fied their modules. What genius came up with this idea? Having to click to view comments, and click twice to post a reply? That’s gonna piss people off big time.


Ok, something has to be done about all the apps and crap that are now on bebo, but it’s their own bloody fault for opening up their platform 😡

They’ve created a real mess now imo and they’re gonna suffer because of it. Change is good for websites, it keeps people on them. But changes which make things harder to find and annoy users are not changes people want to see.

No doubt revenue is up and traffic is flying, but it’s short term gain for long term sacrafice. They are driving people like me away from bebo.

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