Bebo Fail

Bebo was the first social network that i joined that ‘worked’ as a social network. It was simple, clutter free (unlike Myspace) and had just about every person in the country (in Ireland) on it. Once they added apps and introduced ads a couple of years ago, it’s just gone downhill steadily.

Spam is a MAJOR problem. On an almost daily basis, i get private messages like the ones below and requests from ‘friends’. I reject them all and report them all as spam, yet i’ve never heard a single word back from bebo about any of the cases – maybe that’s the way reporting spam works on bebo, but it would be nice to know if it is being acted upon 😉

bebo spam

bebo spam 2

Anyway, this is why bebo is dying / dead. The cool kids have moved on to bigger and better things and unless bebo can change things about, they’ll get left behind. Nobody uses bebo because of the fact it’s bebo – they use it because all of their friends are on it. If the most influential friends jump ship, the rest follow, eventually.

2 thoughts on “Bebo Fail”

  1. bebo was great but now it has to much advertising and spam

    everytime u go on someones page u hear an advert and things poping up

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