beating the rush

The past two days, i’ve been able to sit back and relax coming home from college… there was simply no traffic on the roads heading in my direction so it was boot down, head back and for any of those who’ve seen ‘click’ the film, i was in autopilot mode.

Autopilot mode is basically when you switch off and can’t fall asleep without actually falling asleep… i dunno.. i guess it’s like conserving power on a laptop when you set the power settings to maximum efficiency 😎

Anyway, the smile was wiped off my face once i tried to get in to town… not only was i stuck in the town traffic, but i couldn’t get parked anywhere and so just gave up. No way am i going to waste my time looking to get parked all day. Feck it.

So i’ll be hitting the town for 9am tomorrow and taking care of a bit of business. Damn all you last minute shoppers and impulse buyers! You’re the reason i have to get up early tomorrow :mrgreen:

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