battling to stay on top of things

Although you’ll often hear me say college is ‘easy’ or i expect to pass exams etc… you’ll also hear me say that it still has to be done. Exams, assignments, lab work, lectures… miss them too often and you fail. It’s that simple.

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Although computing is an area i love and have a huge interest in, i’m not confident enough to skip classes and rely on my own knowledge to get me over the finish line. Yesterday, i didn’t blog because i was too tired.

It was about 12am by the time i got finished up with college work (trying to catch up from the time lost at the weekend). I’d thought about blogging but sacraficed it for extra sleep. A blog post would take at least 30mins to complete, plus it would get my brain thinking and creating which is not a good thing if you’re trying to get to sleep 🙂

So i took the rare decision not to blog in a bid to stay on top of as many things as possible (sleep included). It’s the first time in a long time i’ve had to relegate blogging below other stuff, but hopefully it was just a one off.

Anyway, i’m about 5 weeks in to college, year 3 and so far so good – nothing massively worrying and i’m enjoying most of it so far. If i keep sleeping well, staying on top of work and turning up, there’ll be no problems.

If any of those 3 things get disrupted though, it’ll leave me scrambling to get back to normal ASAP just like i’ve done over the past couple of days. I don’t like putting college above everything else, but it has to be done sometimes…

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