Basics in Programming…

Today was my first real ‘working’ day at college, having programming principles, computer architecture and maths for computers.. lovely – a triple whammy of basically maths :mrgreen:

We started off using ‘Alice’ and will eventually progress to VB (visual basic) in programming.. it was pretty easy to use.. it’s freeware so i can download it and mess about with it in my own time – that’s the beauty of a computing course – you don’t need the lecturers to help you, the info is widely available on the net 😛

For computer architecture and maths, we were basically doing binary code for both classes.. Base 10, base 8, Base 16 etc… Someone shoot me. It took me a while to get my head around it, but i got there in the end.. As i’ve said before, this is a part of computing i’m not particularly interested in or good at.

Anyway, for the 3 hour break i had 🙄 i went off into town browsing about, then went for a bit of a walk.. basically just killing time which is one of my pet hates… hanging about waiting/doing nothing.. it’s impossible to get a parking spot from about 10am onwards around campus, so i took a bit of a risk going into town by giving up my space, but i arrived back in loads of time so i just sat waiting for someone to go…

I later heard there was a barbecue on in the college so missed all of that 😡 🙄 So i get off at noon tomorrow, there’s a bowling event planned for the evening but i’m having second thoughts.. i could be home at 1pm if i don’t go, but if i do, i’ll not be home ’til 5pm.

I know i *should* go to meet new people/lecturers and all that… but a nice early home time with no traffic on the roads is very tempting 😈

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  1. Not for anyone to tell you what to do but, don’t forsake the fun times you can have in college. If I had my time back in college over again, I’d have done far more social things than I did do – college isn’t only about the study – it’s networking as well. The most successful entrepreneurs know lots of people… It’s a fact. A person can have the most brilliant mind and ideas but unless he/she knows people that know people, their ideas may never go anywhere. Make those strong connections now while you are in a prime position to do it. Trust me on this one. Feck the getting home early lark – who knows who you might meet/talk to at bowling that has great ideas like you do and two minds are better than one.

    Sorry if this appears to be pontificating. It’s your blog and I don’t have a right to pontificate on it but just a friendly word of advice from someone with a good many years on you.

  2. advice noted and well put 😉

    i know all too well about the power of networking 😈 without digg, bebo, blog networks, forums, pinging services, rss feeds etc.. this blog would be nothing (well it would have no readers)..

    ironically by skipping the ‘real’ life socialising on a bowling trip, i’d probably be extending my online network as i’d spend the time blogging, posting on forums etc..

    nowadays, we have it easier than ever before in terms of building contacts.. but then again a face-to-face contact always seems to carry more weight and gets things done.

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