Barcelona Tactics Flowchart

employee flow chart

I spent most of yesterday in photoshop and i’m doing that a lot these days. Flicking between Photoshop, CSS frameworks and HTML editors. It’s frustrating that i can’t show you what i’m doing, but i’m improving with every pixel i create… the most frustrating bit is spending hours designing something, knowing it’s not quite right but that’s also how you learn… by doing…

It’s a flow chart, but it’s also eye candy

I wanted to create something that i could share and could be of benefit /entertainment to someone so i decided to create a Barcelona FC tactical flow chart, because they happened to be on TV (in the process of winning another trophy) whilst i had my thinking hat on… a couple of hours later and this was the result…

Barcelona FC Tactics

A nice big, glossy, colourful flow chart which sums up Barcelona tactics perfectly 🙂

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  1. Great flowchart! You should check out Lucidchart next time you are creating one. It’s a great tool!

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