Bank details of 1m people sold on Ebay

You know all those laptops with sensitive unencrypted information that seem to go missing every week? Well, one was sold on ebay for £35 :mrgreen:

Now that’s good business – 1 million personal records for £35… could easily be flipped for 10 times that on sitepoint :mrgreen:

Just a few days ago, a usb stick containing names, addresses and release dates of 84,000 prisoners was ‘lost’.

Honestly lads, there’s some government official in the UK just flogging all this stuff on ebay and probably writing an ebook on it all while he goes along 😎

Someone over here in Ireland has seen the money to be made too… there seems to be some sort of England -v- Ireland International ‘who can lose the most data challenge’ going on that we don’t know about 🙄

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