Bad time to be going to London..


I see the UK has now raised their level of security to the highest – critical.Obviously this is due to the two foiled bomb plots in London, plus the Glasgow airport scare.. add in the fact the July 7th anniversary is comming up and in general it’s a pretty nervy time to be going through airports and getting around on the tube.. we’ll just have to get on with it 😎

6 years ago you wouldn’t think twice about hopping on a plane or train.. security was there just because it had to be, it wasn’t there because there were threats – i think that’s the view most people had. When you thought of security, you thought of keeping entrances clear, keeping an eye on drunks and maybe sorting out the odd scuffle.. it’s all a little different now :mrgreen:

I’d be lying if i said i wouldn’t look twice at passengers on a plane or on the tube. That’s the reality of it nowadays, nobody can tell me they hop on a plane with not an ounce of thought. And it’s that suspicious attitude which probably saved scores of lives in London last week. Had those carbombs been there 6/7 years earlier, things could have been very different.

Anyway, even with all the danger, i don’t think it stops people travelling – and rightly so. You can’t let a few individuals bully a city or scare it out of it’s daily routine. We’re pretty lucky here in Ireland, i mean we’re probably one of the easiest targets of all the EU countries (unarmed police force, fairly laxed attitude in general…plus we have that Shannon airport link to the US military).

Luck only goes so far though 🙄

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  1. ignore the haters 😉

    don’t let anyone or anything stop you from going after your goals 😎

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