It’s very rare i’d encounter a computer problem i couldn’t fix myself..

In fact, since i got my laptop 2 years ago, i’ve never had any issues with it. On a shared PC, i can’t keep tabs on what other people download/open so it’s not as easy to find and correct problems.

Anyway, i can’t take chances and simply leave all of my work on my laptop.. it could be stolen, destroyed by a coffee spill, fire, accidentally erased by someone.. it’s good peace of mind and good security to have everything backed up on a seperate harddrive.

At the minute, i’m backing up everything onto my 250gb external harddrive.. It’s about 4 months since i’ve done that so i must get into the habit of doing it monthly, perhaps on the 1st of every month is the best time..? It takes about an two hours for me to backup everything and organise it properly.


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