Backup Plans

Owning a blog such as this becomes a bigger responsibility every day. Why? Because it’s growing every day.

I’m constantly adding more content, getting more traffic, getting more readers… Backing up data and being able to cope with getting hacked/server erasing itself etc.. is not something i want to have to deal with on a regular basis. Thankfully, i’ve never been hacked or had server problems with this blog *touches wood* 🙂

But i know that shit can happen and when shit happens, it’s up to me to be ready to deal with it. I auto backup this blog (the database) once a week using a plugin called ‘WordPress Database Backup‘. The backup gets sent to my email, and i also keep a hardcopy on my PC and every now and then dump them onto my external harddrive as well. As of today, i’ll now be backing up daily 🙂

I don’t do regular backups of my blog itself (themes, images, scripts etc..) quite simply because it doesn’t change much.. the only thing that changes really are my images, but again i wouldn’t lose sleep over that as i tend to back it up once a month or so and manually editing a month’s posts max isn’t going to kill me 😎

Not all of my posts contain images, so i’d probably have to edit /re-upload maybe 30 images in the absolute worst case scenario.

So in my eyes, it’s all about the database which contain the actual posts and comments. Lose that, and i’m well and truely ****ed 😉

Having said that, i do take one or two extra measures… for example i subscribe to my own RSS feed :mrgreen: Not to raise the numbers, purely for security… if the unthinkable happens and i lose everything, not only do i have my database backed up, i also have my RSS feed to help me restore any text or images i lose.

I guess the last option would be to go to or google cache and try and see if they have a snapshot of your blog… if so, you might be able to salvage some code or a post or two, but if you’re serious about blogging and want leave nothing to chance – BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP :mrgreen:

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