backup plans are great

For all of those tools who questioned my sanity when i bought my €600 n95 – 🙂 😎 :mrgreen:

With my trip to Microsoft less than 12 hours away, i had intended charging my Casio Exilim ex-s600. I say ‘intended’ because it’s sitting here beside me not charging and powerless 🙁

The battery has somehow died. I’ve even gone so far as to take the damn camera apart to check for visible signs of damage or condensation etc.. but once i hook it up to my laptop via usb cable, it’s fully functional.

It’s definitely a battery fault. Now i had thought to myself in the past, ‘should i get a back up battery’ mainly because it would save me carrying a charger around on holidays or whatever. The casio’s battery life is superb, and has never let me down or left me short thus far. Well, tonight, it died after about 18 months.

I’m not impressed. But in a way, it highlights my lack of weaknesses. In reserve, i have an n95.

5 mega pixels, MPEG 4 video, armed with a 2gig micro sd. Only slightly inferior to the casio on paper. I’ve spoken about the n95 serving as a quality multi-purpose ‘backup’ and it’s day like these which it steps in.

Backup plans and systems are essential in technology. Had this been a wedding or a holiday or something, and had i not got my n95, i’d be seriously annoyed with my camera, myself and probably other people 😆 (nobody likes to blame themselves for their own shortcomings).

But i’ve rescued myself this time, and immediately ordered a new battery. Had i been a normal person, i’d probably have no decent camera with me tomorrow. Now i could always steal one from a family member, but that’s besides the point 😉 The point is you have to have systems in place when things go wrong. A ‘Plan B’ at least.

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  1. And in the case of alien invasion, when all electrical/battery powered items are rendered inoperable, you can still fall back on a disposable camera. Bet you never even thought of that 🙂

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