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So for the past several weeks i’ve kind of fallen victim to what i always said i fall victim to one day – not blogging… but whatever about missing a day here and there, one day becomes two and two becomes three and before you know it it’s been a month without a blog post and you start to question whether to post or not. Writing though makes me work harder, fact. I’m not going to try to prove it but trust me, it does 🙂

Busy being busy

I’m still working on a project. More research work as opposed to coding or designing but it’s still work and it’s also fascinating. The more i work on this project, the more i fall in love with it so i know i’m doing the right thing. Whilst i’m busy working on that on a day to day basis, i’ve noticed i sort of get in to the mindset that i’m ‘too busy to blog’ or i’ve more important things to be doing. The latter is true and the latter is true for all of us – you have much more important things to be doing than reading this post, i guarantee it…

I know i’ve said this before but you can never be too busy to do anything. If it’s valuable enough to you, you’ll cram it in to your day somewhere, somehow. Classic example is a car accident or something potentially fatal like that. Everything goes out the window and the focus is on survival or support for the person involved. No matter how busy they are or how much stuff they’ve planned for that day / week / year, that’s all gonna change. So it’s easy to get in to routine, convenient to stay in it but hard to get out of it and takes those car crash moments to change plans, but it shouldn’t.

Routine - Golgatha I
Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney

Right now i’ve no assignments due in & no dissertation to worry about. I’m free-er than i’ve been in 4+ years now that i’m finished college, yet i’m blogging less? That doesn’t make sense. So this post will be the first of many consecutive daily posts… i just have to get back in to the routine of blogging.

More Photos

Google my name for all results in the past 24 hours and there’s probably 4 or 5 pages of stuff there. The vast majority will be random sites using my photos on flickr, crediting me for the photos. That’s how i keep tabs on where my photos are being used. Up until a few months ago, my username on flickr was ‘smemon87’ so i was always credited under that name, but i changed it to appear as my real name which probably looks more professional, plus it’s easier for me to track.

Most of the photos used most regularly are old photos… most of them were also taken in moments of boredom. Some like this playstation one were ‘deliberate’… that playstation one has been used a good bit but in general it’s the random photos which seem to be used the most… so i’m eager to start taking more photos and start experimenting more, it’s healthy to get in to that habit of creating & publishing even if the vast majority of it is rubbish and that’s what this blog post is all about – getting back in to the rhythm of creating & publishing…



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