Back to School time…

Ah, the uniforms, the new books, the new bags, the nerves, the ‘study 12 hours a day and we’ll get along just fine’ talks, the gloom of it all…


That was a rare moment of fun above in my last year at school 🙂 Notice i’m using my mobile to take a picture (strictly banned in my old shcool), plus the teacher’s foot is in there somwhere.. we we’re making a mockery of a school letter sent out which wanted everyone to polish their shoes for a visitor coming 🙄 The teacher asked me to take a pic 😎 It’s pretty rare a teacher will join in with the craic, but the teacher above was an exception… he understood a happy mind was a healthy one.

Anyway, it’s back to school time for many.. This time last was a blur for me, i was over in Germany for a football match, i had my Debs (prom) and everyone was heading off to college while i took the decision to take a year out and save a bit of cash whilst trying my hand at this web business.. So i never really thought about going back to school much or what it felt like..

Do i regret taking a year out? No. In that year i’ve got my full driving license, travelled a bit, set up my first website, made my first dollar and now things are really starting to get interesting with BeerChief on the way and some sort of respectable online income starting to come in..

I hated school and i’m glad i’m not going back and starting another year.. sure, you’ll create memories and friends but despite what people tell you, school times are not the best days of your life. That was the case maybe 30 years ago when there was no pressure on you and college was optional.

Nowadays, if you don’t go on to third level, you’re a nobody in the eyes of employers and teachers and probably parents too. And that puts pressure on students to do well, to get A’s.. There’s too much emphasis on jobs/careers/money. No emphasis at all on happiness.. if you’re not relaxed, content, enjoying life then you’ll never be able to step back and make the right decisions. You’ll make a decision, but it will be heavily influenced by fellow students, parents, teachers or cold hard cash.

I remember having a few discussions with guidance counsellors and tutors – 1 on 1 in a tiny little room 🙄 It was ASSUMED i was going to college straight away. It was also assumed i was doing a 4 year degree course in a university..
Applying to an IT, Dundalk IT, i was made to feel like that wasn’t good enough. Ok, so i had about 3 times the amount of points i needed for the course i wanted to do 🙄 but still, i had made the decision, i was happy, but they weren’t. Nobody is too good for a course, or too poor for a course/college. I’d stumbled upon the invisible snobbery ladder in Irish education and no way was i going to Trinity because it has tradition or class or higher standards. My life, i do things my way 😎

God help anyone who had no plans to go to college at all :mrgreen:

Happiness doesn’t come in to it. Teachers don’t care if you’re happy or not, they want all of their students going to Harvard or Trinity College – probably as it looks good if they have taught x number of people that went to these Colleges. Now i don’t want to tar everyone with the same brush but that’s the impression i got.
My advice to anyone in their final year is to think long and hard about where you want to go and what you want to do.. What course will you enjoy the most? What course will be the most rewarding for you?

That may be medicine in Trinity College or it may be no course and working in Mc Donalds full time.. if you’re happy, feck everyone and feck their views. You only have one life and if you go into a course for the craic and to please everyone and end up hating it, there’s only one person to blame.

If you feel under pressure and can’t decide what you want to do, don’t go to college. Take a year out. Take two years out. 2 years is nothing compared to 40 years stuck in a job/industry you hate. Plus you can get a job and save a bit of cash over that year or two out..

Apologies for the length 😳 i get pretty revved up about things like this as i feel we, as a nation are losing our happiness, our fun loving side.. classic example was when my old boss asked me to come in on my day off.. i told him no, he asked why…

me: “i just wanted the day off, no reason, just to chill out…”

boss: “well it’d be a nice bit of extra pocket money (was a bank holiday so time and half pay)”

me: “yeah but money isn’t everything”

boss: “no, but it helps”.

End of conversation. The reality was, 10 years previous and it would have been frowned upon to even open up on a bank holiday 🙄 It’s a nasty element that’s crept up on all of us.

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