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Today i learned how to convert a html theme in to a wordpress theme. Well i should say ‘relearned’ how to do it because i’ve done it before (when wordpress was relatively ugly and awkward to use) but i was rusty. I was surprised how easy it was…

Back in my day we didn’t have ‘widgets’

I’ve been using wordpress since summer ’06 so back then it was at version 2.0. Things have moved on a great deal since then but having worked with those older versions everything just seems so much easier these days. That’s the way it should be of course šŸ™‚

Anyway, the reason i was creating a new theme is because i’m starting a new project. A college related project. A group of us put together a business plan and presented it as part of a module and i’m determined to see it through and at the very least get the site up and running as we’d envisioned. Mainly because i think it has a lot of potential and there is a need for it.

I was searching for possible wordpress themes but didn’t find any that were appropriate. Eventually i stumbled upon a nice looking, suitable theme but it was plain html which isn’t of much use these days. It took a while but i spent a few hours today going through it and converting it in to a wordpress theme.

Next up: custom post types & taxonomies and figuring out how the site is going to be structured.

Creating is where i’m at home

Now that i’m free from college classes, i get to do what i want with my time. I *should* be studying of course but with almost 20 days left until my dissertation presentation (next on the college ‘to do’ list), i’m allowing myself a bit of time to get creative once again and ditch the books (that’s a figure of speech because i don’t actually have any books for college!).

Videos, websites, iPhone apps, blogging, design… i need to get back in to the habit of creating and this week gives me a great opportunity to do just that. I’m also spending a lot of my time working on a project that has yet to be revealed (separateĀ to the college one i mentioned earlier). This has bags of potential too but it requires a lot of work before it can go public.

It’s frustrating that i can’t blog about it or start promoting it (i’ll be the social media management guy for this project), but as i keep saying, to launch it now would do more damage than good because it’s quite simply not good enough to compete with what’s already out there. Fast forward another month or so though and things should be very different… i’ll have more time to invest to as i finish up in college for good.


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