back to college tomorrow

It’s hard to believe 1 year has passed since my first day at college. Having said that, a hell of a lot has happened since then. Looking back on the post i made 1 year ago (totally clueless about what lay ahead), i was remarkably accurate in my predictions…

Maths for Computing should link in with programming so that’s why i’m thinking both of them will be hard. I’ll have to work at them early on otherwise they may start to go over my head…

The rest, like i said are what i’d call ‘idiot proof’.. Study skills etc.. should be a bluffers subject all about personal growth and all of that stuff.

That was pretty much spot on… programming was tough, but i stuck at it and in the end it was one of my better subjects. Maths of course was my weak spot.

Wind turbine at DKIT
Creative Commons License photo credit: The Green Party

(note: yes, that’s my college, yes we have a wind turbine on site and it is as big as it looks!)

The year ahead will be tough. I’d imagine worse than last year (or better, depending what way you look at it). I’m aiming for above 70% in all exams… I’d imagine this year, there’ll be much more emphasis on team work and working in groups. This year, i also specialize in one of 3 streams called ‘applications & support’, unlike last year which was a general first year.

To the best of my knowledge there’s only gonna be about 7/8 people MAX in my class, probably 5 or 6 in reality. Whilst that’s gonna be tough in many ways, i suppose it will benefit us as we’ll get more 1-v-1 time with lecturers and we’ll also have a much tighter group.

As usual, i’ll be driving up and down daily to college. Just under 2 hours in total every day. This year, the college has introduced a pay parking system so i’ll be forced to fork out €8 per week for the privilege of parking on campus. The staff, who are obviously worse off than us students financially, get free parking – equality at it’s finest, eh?

There are a limited number of free spots for students (very limited), so i’ll have to see if my 8.30am arrival time will be enough to get one every day *crosses fingers* 😎

Anyway, i AM looking forward to it all and i feel i’m much more fired up for it than i was last year… i think that’s because i know it starts to get serious now 🙂

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  1. yeah i’ll aim to be in for around 10 too.. i’ll have to check out all these new PC’s anyway and get cod4 installed :mrgreen:

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