back to college in a week

This will be my last week off before i head back to college after a nice long Christmas break. So what are my plans? I’ve more than enough work to keep me going…

Stump Removal
Creative Commons License photo credit: crazybarefootpoet

I’ll not list any more because i probably won’t get any more done. I’ve already put in a huge amount of time in to, but it still needs more ‘visible’ work. Most of the work i’ve done already can’t be seen by looking at the site, but hopefully by the end of the week, there’ll be a lot more to show.

If i’m not working on those two above, i’ll be working for other people. I always seem to have multiple projects on the go, but that’s how i like it. I can hop from one to the next without losing much interest in any.

Although i’m not even back at college yet, looking beyond the next couple of weeks, i’m already looking forward to summer.

I do have two weeks off at easter but they won’t mean anything to me… i’ll still have projects to do, exams to prepare for so i can’t detach myself mentally from college, even though i can do so physically for two weeks.

As far as i’m concerned, i’m in college mode from next week until mid May when i finish summer exams. I’m expecting college to eat away at any free time i have, just like it did last semester. The rewards at the end of it all will be worth it, or at least that’s what i have to convince myself of in order to keep the donkey moving towards the carrot. You’ll notice college plays an important part in my goals for 2010

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