back in the blogging routine


This is now my 8th consecutive daily blog post. It’s nothing compared to my last run of 1 year+ but the last time i put together 8 consecutive posts was in February / March. Over 3 months ago. I’m happy i’ve finally managed to get back in to a routine though…

It makes me do more stuff

I’ve mentioned this several times before but by blogging, i have to write about something. So immediately, that forces me to get creative every day. I don’t want to write about mundane ‘here’s what i had for breakfast / dinner’ type stuff so i’m constantly searching for material to blog about. It might be photos, videos… anything.

out of time ~ the realm of meditation ~Creative Commons License photo credit: AlicePopkorn

That may seem pretty obvious but if you’re someone with time on your hands, it’s tricks like this which convert that unproductive time in to productive time. Over the past week, i’ve uploaded dozens of photos to flickr (photoshopped several), introduced a new feature on (pretty cool but also pretty complex to implement), had a couple of meetings, set up a new cloud server and of course blogged daily too.

Although you can’t see a lot of the work i’ve done, you can see some of it which is more than what you’ve seen from me over the past few months. My time spent working on stuff is now ‘visible’ again. I just seem to be getting more done and i attribute that largely to blogging daily and the mindset it puts me in.

Busy couple of weeks ahead

June is actually turning in to a pretty busy month for me. crashed today which forced me in to making some quick decisions. The site is now back online and running in the cloud, where it should really have been all along, but that’s another story. Anyway, it’s a nice problem to have to deal with… traffic beyond what we predicted.

Next wednesday grad ireland (careers fair) is on in the RDS. I’ll probably be at it and it will give me a chance to see what’s on offer. I’ve already pretty much ruled out the idea of doing a masters but there are some tasty looking post graduate courses like this one in digital marketing. €4k says i won’t do it though 🙂 Anyway, i’ll pick up all the brochures and talk to a few people on wednesday and i should come away with a clearer picture in mind of where i’ll be going and what i’ll be doing…

The day before that careers fair, i’ll get my final exam results from college. Shouldn’t be any surprises but that won’t make it any less of an historic day. So although i’ll be busy this month, i intend to blog all about it day by day and keep this routine up…


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