back in action…

it’s been a nice few days..

i went to Dublin shopping yesterday, chilled out today in a jacuzzi, hot tub / pool today… so no internet for the past couple of days.

Then I log on, expectring things to be normal, and of course, they’re not. Firstly, has been delisted in google for some reason, earnings have been down across the board and traffic has been slowly dying also.

Sheeesh, i thought my sites were mature enough to be left on their own for a couple of days… obviously not 😀 i’ll have to investigate traffic further and see where i’m losing it. Earnings are because of traffic, CTR is normal so it’s just traffic which is the problem and thus has a knock on effect on earnings.

It just goes to show you really can’t take our eye off anything. One mistake by google, and you’re thrown under, left drowning whilst the big ‘G’ ship sails on… It’s up to you to investigate, pick yourself up and get back into shape.

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