back in a tournament after 10 years


The last time Ireland reached a major tournament was the world cup in 2002. I was 15, facebook hadn’t been invented, i don’t even think we had broadband in Ireland. The internet stone age…

Euro 2012

In summer 2012, we’ll be in the European Championships though for only the 2nd time. It was all thanks to a 4-0 demolition of play off opponents Estonia in the first leg last night. 2 red cards & a penalty just about restored Irish fan’s faith in referees after ‘that’ handball against France in 2009…

The result means the 2nd leg in Dublin on Tuesday will be nothing more than a 90 minute celebration of last night’s win. Estonia would need to score 5 without reply to beat us and even the most pessimistic of Irish supporters know that’s beyond them.

National Boost

Next summer is now something we can all look forward to without having to ‘pick’ a side to support during euro 2012, as we’ve grown accustomed to doing in major tournaments. It’s probably the poorest squad of players we’ve ever gone to a tournament with but as a unit they’re tough to beat and we’ll go in as underdogs against pretty much everyone so we’ll be hoping to do a ‘Greece‘. Poland & Ukraine will more than likely be invaded by Irish next summer given that we’ve gone such a long time without being in a tournament.

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