back from bizcamp

I’m just back from Dublin and bizcamp ( which was held at the Guinness Storehouse. It was hugely beneficial and i’ll take away a lot of tips and knowledge from it. There were several speakers who each gave about 45 minute talks on various subjects throughout the day.


In total, i went to 6 talks and picked up a lot of interesting stuff. It’s Saturday evening and i’m wrecked after travelling, so i’ll leave the gorey details for another day, but it was well worth my while going and i’ll defintiely be back 🙂

Entry, food, talks were all free and that’s what made it so different. People sharing information – no strings attached. What i found interesting was that the talks on social media in particular were packed and there were a lot of questions from the audience (twitter, linkedin and facebook).

As it was bizcamp, and full of business owners and entrepreneurs, the questions focused mainly on profits and if it is worth the time / hassle … the same people were probably asking those same questions when setting up a website years ago. In my opinion, you join the club or get left behind – just like a lot of businesses have done with websites.

10 years ago, websites were for techies or big fish who could afford them – nowadays if you have any sort of business at all, it’s almost compulsary you have a website. We haven’t reached that stage with social media, but we’re getting there…

Anyway, i’ll be posting some pics and going through my day in a bit more detail over the next few days…

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