Avril Lavigne’s ‘Girlfriend’ taken from a 70’s song?

I came across this yesterday.

Basically Avril is being taken to court over the song ‘Girlfriend’ as 70’s group ‘The Rubinoo’s’ claim she’s using their beat or rhythm or whatever in the song…

I’ve listened to the Rubinoo’s ‘I wanna be your boyfriend’, and imo, it sounds absolutely NOTHING like Avril’s ‘Girlfriend’. The chorus is something like ‘hey, you, i wanna be your boyfriend’ and it also has the whole ‘clap clap’ fast beat thing going on.. but it would be very harsh imo if this case was successful.

I pity the judge on this one.. it’s really down to personal opinion, i doubt either side can produce solid evidence to defend their cases.

Just goes to show everyone is out to get you when you’re a superstar.. if you have fame and fortune, people want a slice of it, perhaps they have reason to, but most of the time it’s just chancing their arm 😎

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