avoided a few crashes today..

This morning i think i was meant to die or at least be involved in one collision :mrgreen:

3 near accidents, all caused by eejits on the roads.. complete and utter eejits.. i’m getting ready with the dash cam now, as today was no joke.. i could have been involved in 3 accidents at various stages of my 1 hour drive to Dundalk from Monaghan along the n2.

Firstly, there was a boy racer on my back (fog lights on, lowered car, all the rest of it 🙄 ) so i was aware of him on my back thinking to myself what happens if i need to slam on the breaks? That’s exactly what i had to do.. here’s the picture, i’m the green car. The red car’s view is blocked by a lorry which is turning right, the lorry obviously flashes the red car to pull out (stupid as the lorry driver only controls one lane and is blocking the view of the second lane)… i see the red car’s wheels underneath the lorry’s body moving out of the junction 😯 Not just edging out, moving out at speed.. so before the red car even came in to my view i slammed on the breaks (travelling at around 85km/hr) and narrowly avoided a side on collision with this guy..

Normally at junctions i’d slow down anyway, but as there was a dedicated lane for turning, plus you assume people have the cop on not pull out blind side of a lorry 🙄 i decided to break very gently going down to about 85km/hr from 100km/hr (just in case some eejit did actually pull out).. which of course they did..

Anyway, i’m aware of the boy racer behind me, so i’m thinking i’m defintely getting slammed either from the front or behind.. i hear the tyre’s squeal from the boy racer behind me 😎 serves him right.. in fairness he must have had lightening reactions so at least he was on the ball in some way..

Second almost collision was on a roundabout… i’m heading straight on so i don’t indicate yet, then i indicate left after the first exit (as you do)… just as i’m passing the first exit a car pulls out in front of me, didn’t even see me 😡 Two old women in the car and they proceed to crawl along… again, had to slam on the breaks but this time i was expecting it more as it’s happened me a few times in the past people just pulling out..

Third was a tractor STOPPED on my side of the road in a road full of hidden dips.. WTF?? driver out walking about (i assume broken down).. the road is narrow, double white line, so very difficult to overtake as you can’t see far ahead.. i’m stuck in a long line 10/11 cars, stopped waiting to overtake this tractor.. a northern reg black car proceeds to overtake everyone (i’m watching this in my wing mirror – in disbelief), at speed, realising at the last minute – oh feck, there’s a big tractor blocking the road up ahead.. so he’s forced to pull in and manages to squeeze in between myself and the driver in front of me..

You cannot enjoy driving in this country.. top top it all off, i was stuck behind a car merging onto a motorway at 80km/hr 😡 A morning of madness… i said before i’d install a ‘dash cam’ to prove all of this and that’s now top priority in my list of things ‘to do’.. expect video footage of mad driving on Irish roads by the end of the week 😎

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