Automated Petrol Pumps..


This is another one of my entrepreneur-type ideas i’ve come up with..

Firstly, i don’t know if this has been created as it’s fairly simple, but we don’t see them anywhere and i certainly haven’t heard about them, plus google hasn’t helped me.

Why don’t we have 24/7 automated petrol pumps?

You put in your credit card/cash, choose the amount you want and that then starts the pump. Once you reach the given amount, the pump is shut off. You then get a receipt and you’re on your way. No timewasted, no dealing with people… all automated.

Perhaps you could pre-pay online and get a few cent off. Put in your credit card to verify the prepayment and again the pump is activated. The advantage of pre-paying online is that the station could, to an extent, predict sales, plus use the website to sell larger amounts of fuel than your would normally buy.

Eg.. i might buy €20 worth of petrol if the price was at say €1.10 per litre. If they cut it down for online buyers to say €1.05, i’d be tempted to buy €50 worth of petrol. Thus they could do more business. Plus they’d save all those cents they lose out on from the “accidental” €20.01, €20.02 purchases 😉

No wages for staff, but 24/7 service. In this day and age, surely that’s not too much to be expected.

The technology is there plus the demand is there (imo). Anyone agree?

3 thoughts on “Automated Petrol Pumps..”

  1. yes it has it was done in birmingham england but the pay machines were not as good as the are now it failed ,iam talking 1980s it was on the A45 YARDLEY 1 things are diferent now so could it work not to sure i had the same idear myself having seen it in the 80s

  2. I also thought of this, however I came to the conclusion that the government would lose millions of pounds/dollars if they brought this in. Think how many times you fill in just over the amount you want. E.g. 20.02, those 2 units done millions of times over across the world would amount to millions.

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