August 2011 Review

august 2011 review

August 2011 will be remembered as the month my penguin video went viral and racked up over 408,000 views (and counting)…

My First Viral Video

It appeared on the reddit frontpage, digg frontpage, icanhazcheezburger & comedy central to name just a few internet giants (and former giant!) which catapulted it from double digit views in to 6 digit views. It’s now heading towards the half a million mark and who knows, in the future i may even be able to claim a video on my youtube channel has 1 million views 🙂

Holiday Videos

That penguin video was uploaded along with many more in late July / early August. I took more video than normal because i’d challenged myself to do so. Looks like i should do it more often 🙂

Butlers Chocolate Factory

Earlier in the month i took a tour of the Butler’s Chocolate Factory. Full review here and plenty of photos on my flickr.


I’ve been busy designing & coding for the last month. When i’m not doing that at home, i’m doing it at my new home away from home a.k.a. ‘the office’. It’s a startup startup, so we’re not quite at official ‘startup’ stage yet, but we’re getting there.




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