Attack Attack Attack

Today i decided to implement a zero-tolerance policy for all assignments i get.

The zero-tolerence policy means that whenever i get an assignment, i complete it that day. No procrastinating, no leaving it to the last minute, no having it in the back of my mind.

So i cut off all arrangements today i had made and just did it. It feels good. This particular assignment doesn’t have to be submitted until the 11th February – 2 and half weeks away 😈

You see i’m under pressure to keep my schedule as tight as possible. BeerChief requires a lot of work, and i need free time to handle the inevitable problems we’ll run in to with that. I’m also fully committed to a summer holiday and new office, which requires me to work hard online. If i’m bogged down with offline assignments, it impacts my online ventures and i can’t let that happen.

I’m at college pretty much 9-5 every day so i need my evenings free from more college work.

College will not defeat me this term, i plan on sticking to my zero tolerence policy, even though i’ll receive an awful lot of abuse from my college colleagues :mrgreen:

I’ve also managed to custom design a logo and header for

Auction Crap will be put up for sale over the next few days, one of many sites i plan on selling over the next few weeks and months, and i’m hoping that little custom touch will increase it’s value.

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