art of organizing

I wouldn’t consider myself an organized person. I think this folder on my desktop sums up my organizational skills;

Now on one hand, that IS being organized as i’m reducing clutter on my desktop, but on the other hand, the irony is there for all to see…

A lot of junk gets thrown in there as you can see from the folder stats 🙂

Generally it’s full of text files or logos/graphics work from sites i’ve sold on in the past. There’s also so undeveloped ‘bones’ of ideas in there and the remains of some installs and plugins etc…

Anyway, for college, i just have the one folder to cover 6 modules. I just shove everything in there :mrgreen: It works, to an extent, much like my ‘unsorted’ desktop folder. But yesterday i splashed out and bought another folder, which is divided in to 12 compartments, so it’s basically a mini filing cabinet.

So what that means is that i’m still only carrying around one folder, but it’s several mini folders within folders. I’ll see the benefit of that on a daily basis – theoretically i should be able to pull out notes 6 times quicker than i have been up to now 😈 But the real benefit will be seen come exam time when i have a few free hours.

If i see a folder full of crap from all sorts of subjects i’ll most likely stay away from it as it would be too much work trying to sort it all out. But if i have a nicely organized folder, i might just spend a bit of extra time going through some of the notes.


That’s the sort of difference €6 can make. The only reason i HAVEN’T gotten a folder like this up until now is because i haven’t seen one in any of the shops i’m in regularly. So i went around town and deliberately set out to find this folder. Whilst i was there i also bought two boxes of paper clips, a pencil that looks like a pen and has a rubber on top (i hate traditional pencils) and a pocket sized ‘black book’ so i can carry it around with me and jot down useful stuff people say or i say to myself.

In a bid to show that you can turn anything in to creativity online, i decided i’d join a full box of paperclips together and make the word ‘digg‘ and then submit it to digg. Totally and utterly pointless and stupid, but it’s purely an experimental ‘stunt’ to hopefully show how you can turn literally anything in to online success. All it takes is a bit of mad creativity 😉 I’ll let you guys know how many ‘diggs’ it gets at a later date and you may not be laughing then 😉

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